What we do…

We are global pioneers in the design and delivery of smart building technologies that help global organisations significantly reduce their carbon footprint, through innovative smart lighting and building management solutions. Headquartered in the heart of the UK, IST Limited serves an extensive international client base with a world-leading range of smart building products., including our brands below.

iDrive® LED Drivers

We specialise in extra low voltage (SELV), flicker-free LED drivers. iDrive® also includes the IT-enabled Power over Ethernet (PoE) product range.

Serenity Lighting®

A portfolio of energy efficient and human-centric LED lighting solutions. The IST team provide a completely holistic design ethos, enabling lighting designers, specifiers and facilities managers to deliver low voltage LED lighting projects.

iMune ®

Building management control systems that are made for intelligent buildings within commercial, architectural, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, retail, outdoor and amenity applications.


A new, ground-breaking workspace management solution that helps to optimise workspace occupancy and staff wellbeing, using real-time data..


An innovative building specific application that provides augmented reality and indoor route guidance as tools, for service teams to ensure buildings are running optimally.

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Power Over Ethernet

Technology that passes electric power over twisted-pair Ethernet cable to powered devices that allows the delivery of both data and power

Monitor • Manage • Maintain

Building systems and products that provide more cost-efficient, healthier, and more enjoyable spaces. Suitable for a variety of applications.

Model • Forecast • Analyse

Products that will collect and analyse data to help businesses make better decisions about their products and services.

The Ultimate in LED Technology

All LED lights need an LED driver to convert the power supply into a more suitable one, this helps to prevent burnout and can lower the risk of fire.

For Better Health & Well Being

High-quality lighting, provides beyond basic comfort, but can also protect and promote the health and well-being of those exposed to the lighting.

Your Safety is Paramount

Emergency lighting keeps occupants safe by remaining active 24 hours of the day, without the need for a main power source.

Why our innovation leads to success

So … let’s talk about your challenges and find the right solution, just for you.