Rack Mounted LED Drivers

rack-mounted led drivers

Centralised, multi-channel iDrive® LED drivers provide the best power solution for the smart, connected world. Our rack-mounted solutions have been installed in some of the world’s most iconic, prestigious sites for over 12 years, due to their unique advantages over conventional LED drivers.

Multi-channel; designed to fit 1U 19” racks
Installation in server racks allows easy access for installation and commissioning
Ethernet-enabled design allows simple connectivity within smart cities

Multiple protocols: DMX-512A, RDM, DALI+, Ethernet (Art-Net, sACN, Art-Osc), HTTP
Easy access reduces maintenance costs and downtime
Highest quality components and conditioned environments extend life of driver

Patented totally flicker-free Hybrid+ technology
High resolution, super-smooth, step-less dimming
Compatible with other control systems

8 80% energy saving compared to traditional LED drivers
RJ45 iDrive® version speeds up installation time
Power up to 48 LED luminaires remotely (from a distance up to 300m)

No. ChannelsPower ConsumptionConnectivityInput VoltageOUTPUT POWER
VOLTAGE RANGEDatasheet / Info
White Knight 24 500W AC RJ4524500WRJ45100 - 240V AC, 124 - 370V DC0 - 76 Watts0 - 1.6A1 - 48V DC
White Knight 24 1000W AC RJ45241000WRJ45100 - 240V AC, 124 - 370V DC0 - 76 Watts0 - 1.6A1 - 48V DC
White Knight 36 1600W AC361600WRJ45100 - 240V AC, 127 - 370V DC0 - 76 Watts0 - 1.6A1 - 48V DC
No. ChannelsPower
ConnectivityInput VoltageOutput Power
(per channel)
Output Current
(per channel)
Voltage RangeDatasheet / Info
Thor 8 1000W81000WN100 - 240V AC1 - 192W or 1-384W0 - 8A per channel12-24V DC or 45V-52V DC
Thor 36+ 2000W362000WN100 - 240V AC1 - 192W per channel0 - 8A per channel12 - 28V DC
Atlas 36 1000W361000WRJ45250 - 370V DC0 - 200W0 - 4A1 - 52V DC
Atlas 36 1500W361500WRJ45250 - 370V DC0 - 200W0 - 4A1 - 52V DC
Atlas 36 DC 1500W361500WRJ4546 - 57.5V DC0 - 200W0 - 4A1 - 57V DC