Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

iDrive® Surge Protection Devices are ideal for protecting low voltage LED driver or telecoms DC systems from lightning strikes using the iDrive® in-line surge protection.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of IEC 61643.11 standards, the SLV 5K-60 surge protection device offers robust safeguarding for low voltage LED drivers and telecoms DC systems. Operating effectively in Lightning Protection Zones (LPZ) 1-2 and subsequent zones, this device stands out as an ideal choice for shielding against lightning strikes using the innovative iDrive® in-line surge protection technology.

Complying with SPD Type T2 and T3 specifications, the SLV 5K-60 boasts a range of parameters designed for optimal functionality. With a nominal operating voltage (Un) of 48Vdc and a maximum continuous operating voltage (Uc) of 60Vdc, it delivers a nominal discharge current of 5kA (8/20μs) and a maximum discharge current of 10kA (8/20μs). This surge protection device offers enhanced voltage protection levels, ensuring the safety of +/PE, -/PE, +/-, +/E, and -/E configurations.


Crafted from mineral nylon PA6, V0-rated shell material, this surge protection device maintains reliability even in challenging conditions. Its IP20 enclosure protection shields against dust and offers versatility for indoor installations. Operating within a temperature range of -40OC to +80OC and tolerating relative humidity of ≤95% (max 40OC), it ensures consistent performance across diverse environments.

In a compact 90mmx36mmx60mm form factor, the SLV 5K-60 demonstrates precision engineering for ease of installation. Its DIN Rail 35mm mounting method and specified screw torque of 1N*m ensure secure placement. With a response time of ≤25ns, it swiftly responds to surges, safeguarding against potential damage.

Part NumberNominal Discharge CurrentLED Load CurrentMax Load VoltageVoltage Protection LevelDatasheet / Info
DC Power Surge ProtectorSPLV-5K-605kAUpto 5A60Vdc≤400V(+/PE、-/PE)
DC Power Surge ProtectorSPLV-10K-6010kAUpto 10A60Vdc≤400V(+/PE、-/PE)