Printed Circuit Board Range

Printed Circuit Board Range

Our PCB LED drivers are ideal for high power lighting applications in architectural, commercial, yacht fitouts, signage and retail. Galvanised steel chassis optional.

Highly compact, 4 channel LED drivers

Advanced dynamic control system

98% efficient output stages

Allows daisy-chaining of fixtures and broadcasting of show sequences

Flicker-free lighting

High resolution channels

Printed Circuit Board Range Supports DMX, RDM & DALI

Allows channel bonding

CC or CVPower InOutput VoltageOutput Power
(per channel max.)
Output Current
(per channel max.)
Datasheet / Info
Quattro CCCC10.5-50V DC<1V to 48V (max)
0-77W100 -1600mA
Quattro CVCV10.5-24V DC12 or 24V DC only0-100W0.1-5000mA
Quattro CCLCC10.5-50V DC<1V to 48V (max)0-77W100 -1600mA