Cylinder Surface Downlight

Cylinder Surface Downlight

Serenity Lighting®’s dedicated design and engineering team designs LED fixtures according to exact technical, ergonomic, lead-time and cost specifications, with a strong focus on quality and service, with the ultimate goal of creating aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, ‘healthy’ lighting in a cost-effective manner. Superior energy efficiency of the LED lighting fixtures is achievable in conjunction with IST’s ultra-efficient iDrive® LED driver and power solutions for LED and OLED lighting fixtures.


Cylinder Surface Downlight

IP Rating: IP20

5 Year Guarantee

Output: 850 lm

Lm/W (Nominal): 85 lm

PowerOutputlm/WForward VoltageSizeBeam AngleIngress ProtectionCRIColour TempAvailable ColoursDatasheet
10W850lm8529V80mm(D) x 130mm(H)24/36IP20 802700K or 3000KWhite / black